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Beijing Brilliant Technology Co. Ltd, founded in Beijing in 2010, We are the world's professional manufacturer in designing, manufacturing, sales and service on flexible led display, soft led screen and related led products. We are devoted to provide various kinds of Flexible LED Display solutions and services for worldwide entertainment, media advertising and LED Display rental markets. It's our passion to continuously provide the highest flexible led display products as well as custom-designed and user-friendly led display systems.
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Face material is designed with high-quality DFR drapery which is totally durable, fire, water, dust resistance Lightweight, small volume, ideal for tour show Easy to setup, just hang on truss Soft and flexible, can be suitable for all kinds of irregular shape Many pieces can be combined together>>
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Company to customer demand responsibility, continuously improve the production technology, the equipment and the newest technology of production, improve product quality, perfect solution to customer demand. >>